SURFACE MOUNT LED LIGHT “Tonga” Bi-color Automatic Light Featured

DESCRIPTION: Bi-Color Spot Led and reading Light - Automatic. Automatically switches to white or red light. To use on the boat bridge (navigation at night: red light), table charts, circulation light, etc. Maximum light intensity with discharged batteries: absolute safe illumination. Ultra Low Consumption - UBC®: it can work 69 or 156 nights with a 12V/75A battery without recharge it (104 or 156 nights in 24V).

  • Safe illumination from 10V to 30V.
  • The cabin always illuminated in navigation at night.
  • Keeps your cabin cool, cold–lamp.
  • Total resistance to mechanic stress.
  • Warranty HE: 2 years.


Stainless Steel 316L or MATTE.

  • Dimension: 62 x 62 mm.
  • Deep: 21 mm.
  • Color Light: Automatically switches to white or red light.
  • Power Source: 10V to 30V.
  • Power Consumtion UBC®: 12V= 0,090/0,040A (90/40mA); 24V= 0,060/0,040A (60/40mA).
  • Light Source: Electronic, Led 140lm or 280lm.
  • LED life: minimum 50000hs.
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