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HE Naval Systems of Brazil is a company located at Santa Catarina. The Headquarters of the company was founded in 1970 (in Buenos Aires-Argentina). Optolamp® was Pioneer in LED Signalization and Illumination with the "LED Ultra Low Consumption - UBC® System", launched in 1998 in the national and international market.

Our commitment is to innovate, to anticipate tendencies, creating new products of Ultra Low Consumption- UBC® in order to transform life onboard in a "silence time" to be shared with the nature’s sounds; saving hours of engine running, maintenance and fuel (less pollution).

Our norm for customer service and assistance is through a direct contact: we talk, we dialogue with our clients "without technology". We use the technology where we understand that must be used: in our products.

Our purpose is to assist and overcome our client´s expectative in LED signalization and illumination for boats and residences, improving continuously the efficiency of our products.


Our particularity is to use first quality components in the manufacture of our products, our Engineering doesn't accept the massive and alternative components (of doubtful origin), that invaded the market in last years. Yes, is more expensive, but the good quality in safety onboard must be always a priority.

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